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Encore Studios Musical Theater Summer Camp Program




July 13-17      

Peter Pan:  July 20-24                  -

August  3-7       


COST:  $140 per session 

AGE RANGE:  Students who will be entering in the 2015/16 school year grades 3 through 9 are invited into this summer camp program.   Each camp will have a LIVE PERFORMANCE for family members and friendsto attend on Friday from 12pm to 1pm. Performances are free of charge.

 Last year, we had an amazing summer at our new home, Southern Lehigh Middle School, with Annie, Willy Wonka and The Wizard of Oz.
We are excited about bringing the program back for our 3rd year and guarantee more fun, new plays and a summer camp program that welcomes many ages and experience levels into the world of musical theater!  Our stage shows include spotlights, fog machines, curtains, bows, music, choreography, and a full 45 minute “mini-musical”.

  Most importantly, this program helps to build self-confidence and self-esteem through a world of imagination, creativity and self expression.   This program is designed for all students- from beginners to those with experience on stage.  

Each play is written by Miss Erin as an “ORIGINAL ADAPTATION”, based on the original, yet designed for the age range of the students in attendance. The older students will have the opportunity to play the adult lead roles, while the younger students will have the opportunity to play the child lead roles. All campers are featured in the show as ensemble and play a huge part of our production.

 ABOUT THE CAMP DIRECTORS: Miss Erin is the current director of the Southern Lehigh Middle School Plays and was a professional actress, musician and playwright in New York City for 14 years.  She owns Encore Studios, a private studio of performing arts and music in Hellertown.   Mr. Markley has been teaching in the Southern Lehigh school district for over 40 years and is the “beloved” director of The Liberty Bell Elementary School Plays. 

Encore Studios 2014
Summer Camp Program
Annie Overture
"Annie Jr."
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Encore Studios
by Miss Erin
A Private, Boutique Studio of Music and
Performing Arts that caters to:
-Piano : Improvisational and Classical
-Voice:  Pop blending, Broadway and Disney
-Acting: Uta Hagen Technique with Meisner
          -Audition Prep:  GET READY for your BIG  AUDITION!
        -Guitar:    Beginners and singer songwriters!  Adult Guitar and advanced students...        
  -Theatrical Workshops, Summer camps,
          And so much more...
Encore Studios is based on these fundamental objectives...
-A place where students of all ages and levels can come and freely express themselves through music and the performing arts.

-A safe and comfortable environment that embraces creativity and encourages uniqueness.  There are NINE hidden Monkeys throughout the studio... and a SECRET LIBRARY!!!
-A studio that nourishes young talent and provides them with the basic fundamentals they need to not only build their skills in music, but also self-confidence and self-esteem that goes beyond the walls of Encore Studios and helps to better them as young people in the real world.